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IBM Installation Manager

IBM Installation Manager provides faster installation performance and better integration with other IBM products. Manage the software life cycle with a single tool. You can install, update, rollback, modify, and uninstall from one user interface.

Simplified Business Process Integration

Site users can access relevant tasks and activities for business process management solutions from a single user interface, the Unified Task List portlet. Integrate your site with several process management solutions, such as IBM Forms Experience Builder and IBM Business Process Manager.

Search Optimization

Optimize external search for web content rendered through WebSphere Portal.

Social Business in Context

New community page support lets you place IBM Connections portlets in the right context for your portal site.

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Rich Web Content Management

Create web content pages and content with point-and-click simplicity with the new content templating user interface.Integrate with ECM using IBM Web Content Manager support for the CMIS standard.

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Enhanced Projects

Add users as approvers for a project and send a project through a review state before publishing.

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Site Area Templates

Create site area templates that define the authoring settings, such as the design of the form, elements and fields on a form, and default values.

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Content Template Catalog

The catalog provides a suite of fully functional templates and assets that enables business users to rapidly build new sites and enhance existing sites. Users can easily customize the content, page templates, and design elements too.

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